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Supporting Guitar instructors "The Wealthy Guitarist"

Will Ripley is now supporting other guitar teachers build their own powerful guitar businesses with "The Wealthy Guitarist: How To Make 6 Figures As A Guitar Instructor". It's a book, DVD course and online membership site. 

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1-on-1 webcam guitar coaching for
Kids + Teens 
Campfire Guitar Star 

Parents are busy, but one of the most important opportunites that someone could ask for in their upbringing is the chance at playing guitar. Will Ripley and his team provide their proven beginner teaching method in real time to kids all over the world. It's safe, fun, easy, convenient and super effective.

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Beginner guitar lesson videos 
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Campfire Guitar Star

Campfire Guitar was founded by Will RIpley and is an online resource for beginner guitarists to get access to an awesome array of free lessons. Will Ripley's misison is to cultivate more guitarists and fastrack progress. Will Ripley uses his proven beginner guitar teaching method that's been effective with thousands of beginner guitarists.

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Proven beginner guitar Membership Area 5 Minute Guitar

Will Ripley has a beginner guitar system he was teaching in-person was so powerful that he taped it. Now, it's been an effective online beginner guitar course for people all over the world. 5 Min Gtr is perfect for a total beginner guitarist and the goal is to transform them into a "REAL GUITAR PLAYER".

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the rock guitar player + Teacher Will Ripley

Quote from Will Ripley "I've been really fortunate to have toured, performed and recorded with Grammy award winners and legitimate rock stars. View my resume here. Currently I'm looking for a singer/songwriter to write some powerful blues/classic rock/90's alt rock tunes with. If you'd like to get a 1-on-1 guitar lesson with me, click below."

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the guitar tuner app Will Ripley Pro Tuner

Will Ripley wanted to create a super accurate guitar tuning app that guitarists could take everywhere in their pocket. Now, the Will Ripley or "WR tuner" is on the App Store. Will and his students use it all the time.

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