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    Will Ripley

    How To Tune Your Guitar in Standard Tuning

    standard guitar tuning

    Alright, let’s split these words up

    STANDARD – so a Music conference got together in 1939 and these music ‘peeps’ decided that concert pitch was going to dial in their “A” note into 440hz.

    Ok so what’s the big “D”? Well there are these things called tuners and an old school way (but still very current because of it’s accuracy) was to use these things called “strobe tuners”. Check out the company Peterson to buy one of theirs! Anyways so when a musical sound was played, a strobe light, yes, just like a strobe light at a rave in the 1990s, would react to the sound and blink faster or slower depending on how it was calibrated. This would tell us which frequency our musical note was resonating.

    So what we’re getting into here is sounds getting analized and transferred into information we can intellectually understand. Cuz lets face it – how the heck do we describe notes, and musical sounds?! It is more of a feeling isn’t it?

    So you can see why they figured out a standardized, global pitch – SO YOUR GUITAR WOULD BE IN TUNE! Ok, and other instruments too! This way when massive orchestras would get together and rock out, they would all have some sort of reference. Let’s face it, things sound a lot better when they’re in tune!

    So lets get to the word GUITAR now. We have an A string that’s calibrated to 440hz for sure! it’s the second biggest string on the guitar.

    So going from big to small, we have E, A, D, G, B, and little e.

    So that brings us to our next word, TUNING. Because that’s what we call standard guitar tuning.

    The Perfect 4ths

    The guitar is tuned in this musical relationship called perfect 4ths – lemme show you. Let’s count how many letters there are between E and A – 4, right? Make sure that when you count E, that gets a finger. Ok, what about A to D? A B C D… there’s 4 there and so on. BUT! When you get to G to B, how many is that? Yup, that’s 3, and we call that musical relationship/interval/harmony a Major 3rd. Then we’re back to another perfect 4th from B to E.

    So where did standard guitar tuning come from? I donno! It doesn’t really make sense as far as I’m concerned! It’s tuned like an Emi7 add4!  I’m sure there’s some kind of explanation for it somewhere. But I’m sure the designer of the guitar and the designer of standard guitar tuning wasn’t expecting the guitar to be the forefront of a cultural movement one day.. you know what I mean? There are thousands of instruments and many guitar like/stringed instruments out there that we don’t even know about. Something about the guitar stuck to our culture like glue, and is a very powerful instrument for many styles of music.

    Everything from classical to hard rock can share the same tuning across 6 strings. It’s pretty cool!

    So kinda like house sitting for a friend or family member, you get stuck with it sometimes. Standard guitar tuning is a lot like that!

    Although there are so many different ways to tune your guitar, we shouldn’t feel limited. Great bands like The Rolling Stones and Big Wreck have almost all of their songs in altered tunings. It’s a very common thing. Also more current pop acts like John Mayer and The Goo Goo Dolls are also well known for un-standardized tunings!

    The most common though, is to have your tuner calibrated to 440hz, which resonates an A note and tune your others strings (big to small) E A D G B e.

    The argument is – IS 440 THE MOST MUSICAL FREQUENCY? I’m going to do more investigation on this and get back to you. There is a lot of music related with therapy, meditation and an entire science behind different frequencies, what they do, how they affect us and more. It’s really fascinating and when you think of it, it kinda makes sense! There’s something about music and how different songs and genres make us feel emotions – just by listening to it. So I would say this is a pretty cool topic that I’ll update you on!

    If you’re looking for a tuner and own an iphone, ipad or ipod – you can download the Will Ripley Guitar Tuner from the App store. Just search for Will Ripley in the App store and you’ll find it. It’s really accurate and easy to use. I use this tuner in a free video titled “how to tune your guitar” this will teach you tricks and tips on how to tune your guitar effectively. It is a HUGE deal. Playing an intune guitar separates a good guitarist from a bad guitarist. It’s that simple!

    If you want a physical tuner to keep in your case, Korg makes a really good tuner that’s accurate. You can pick one of these up anywhere from $10-$25.

    I hope you found this helpful and interesting!

    Keep on rippin’ it up!

    Will Ripley

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    • CALL WILL AT 604-999-1953


    “Willy looks like a skinny white boy but plays like a 300 pound black man!!”

    “My life evolves around creating and performing genuine, powerful music. To help maintain a thriving musical community, I want to contribute to it through teaching and adding musical projects to make
    them the best they can be”
    ~ Will Ripley

    “When I met Will he asked me some of my goals and my response was to some day be able to play guitar like Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Six months later I found myself playing “Blue on Black” at Ripley’s Recital in front of my friends. Will is an extremely professional and talented teacher and guitar player. Each week I found myself with new material and knowledge that made learning guitar fresh and exciting. I’m taking the summer off and I already can’t wait to continue my lessons to take my guitar playing to the next level.”

    ~ Dan F

    “Will is a very knowledgeable guitarist and great teacher. His instruction has been crucial in my development as a guitar player. Thanks to Will I have significantly improved my understanding of musical theory and guitar techniques. I have also been motivated to keep practicing in order to become the best guitar player I can be.”

    ~ Curt P

    “As the father of Will’s youngest student (5 years old) it’s amazing to see the enthusiasm and desire my son is showing towards music because of will’s teaching style. He always wants to go, he has fun but I see the progress they make in each lesson both large and small, it’s a great learning environment. Thanks Will, your next test will be my younger daughter.”

    ~ Dirke

    “As a person that has taken music lessons and hated them, I think you’re an amazing teacher. Anthony loves music and has a new found love of the electric guitar.”

    ~ Lisa

    “Our son, William, has been taking guitar lessons from Will since Spring 2010. Will is a knowledgeable, creative and resourceful music teacher who thoroughly enjoys teaching children the guitar. We were lucky to have found him.”

    ~ Lana

    “I have wanted to learn to play guitar all my life, but never really had the guts to try until I was 27 years old. I was afraid I wouldn’t be any good but one day while searching through the Craigslist ads for guitar teachers I found a listing that just spoke to me, a total gem, and I felt I just had to give him a call. After just one phone call I had a really good feeling I had found the perfect lessons and I am so lucky that I found the listing for willripley.com. Will is an amazing and inspiring teacher who is incredibly gifted not only at playing guitar but at truly being able to teach others to be their best musically. He can really show you how to play anything in a way that is helpful and makes sense. After every lesson I feel so motived to get better and practice so I can be half as terrific a musician as Will. I have seen him perform live with his band and Will Ripley really is a rockstar. He makes learning something challenging really fun.”

    ~ Genevieve

    “Will Ripley is an amazing teacher who has given me the best gift I ever could have asked for, the gift of music. His tireless patience and postive attitude helped me to realize I could achieve anything I put my mind to. He is not only a stellar musician with amazing technical ablilites, but he truly understands how to teach guitar and how to pass on his skills to other budding muscians. I went from being a complete novice to someone who now often gets complimented on how quickly they learned to play guitar. If you are looking for someone who can turn you into a great musician, Will Ripley is your man. He isn’t just a guitar teacher but also an enthusicatic friend who will help you achieve amazing results while you have fun learning to rock out!”

    ~ Gen T

    “Will is very talented musician and teacher and adapt the style and learning process to fit each student.

    He is very good with children and know how to motivate them. He makes the learning of music a Rock’ n Roll experience!”

    ~ Barbara Smyth

    “We are thrilled that our daughter really enjoys her guitar lessons with Will. His effective style of teaching has inspired our daughter to tap into her musical talent and interests. Being able to do something she loves is worth all the money in the world. Thank you, Will – you’re a great teacher!”

    ~ Doug and Yonah Martin

    “When our 11 year old daughter wanted to learn guitar I searched the web for someone who would and could provide a different approach to learning an instrument. In grade 4 she took up the violin at school, they learned the scales and every evening she practiced diligently creating a noise that sounded like she was sawing a cat in half. There was never any melody and she soon tired of the exercise and gave up. I often wondered what would have happened if she had been given an actual song to practice so that’s what I mean when I looked for a teacher that could provide her with a different approach to learning an instrument.”

    “Will’s web site looked like he was someone who stays in touch with current music trends. When I read is bio I found out he is active in the music scene and I was convinced he could provide us with the teaching techniques and style that would keep our daughter interested and engaged. Low and behold I was right! He taught my daughter bits and pieces of her favorite song from her favorite band. Now she’s learning techniques and the chords and loving it! Because she loves it, she’s sticking with it. Until we saw how much she loved the guitar Will was able to rent us one, yet another great option Will can provide.”

    “Thank you Will, we’re very glad to have found you!”

    ~ Bob and Johanna Legge

    “My fiance and I started taking lessons with Will after looking for a guitar teacher online. Both of us had never played an instrument or had any musical education before. From the get-go, Will didn’t follow a pre-defined plan or workbook (as other teachers we talked to would have done), but rather incorporated our personal goals and music preferences into his teachings. It is very apparent that he not only loves guitar music, but also a deep understanding of a broad spectrum of music styles and musical theory.”

    Will’s hands-on approach managed to teach me not just practical guitar skills, but also some theoretical fundamental background knowledge. His lessons are never boring; always challenging but never overwhelming.

    As a teacher, Will is patient and manages to accommodate our different learning speeds as well as our individual strengths and weaknesses, given both of us a sense of accomplishment and progress.

    I thoroughly enjoy learning from Will and can highly recommend him as a guitar teacher.”

    ~ Maik H