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WILL RIPLEY IS A PROFESSIONAL ELECTRIC AND ACOUSTIC GUITARIST who produces, composes, arranges, performs, teaches, and collaborates on an eclectic array of music, including:

    • Rhythm & Blues (R&B)
    • Classic and Hard Rock
    • Blues & Blues Rock
    • Funk
    • Metal
    • Electronic

Ripley studied music at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and graduated from Berklee’s Canadian affliate school
– Selkirk College.

Ripley has shared the stage and collaborated with rock stars and independent musicians alike, including:


(Performed as lead guitarist for national level, billboard charting hard rock group)


(Guitarist for Jethro Tull)


(Guitarist for David Bowie and Wild T & the Spirit)


(Singer & Saxophone player for Aretha Franklin, The Jackson Five, Robert Cray)


(The Rascalz, Akon)


(2010 Grammy Award Winner for best Rap album; Aftermath Music Production – 50 cent, Drake and Eminem)

As a guitarist, songwriter, and producer over the years. Ripley has shared notable accomplishments:

  • Performed as the lead guitarist for Rev Theory, an international level hard rock band charting five billboard Top 20 songs, touring credits, including Evanescence, Motley Crue, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Godsmack, and multiple media placements
  • Shared the stage with superstars LMFAO, Papa Roach, Shinedown
  • Top 10 contestant for three straight years in the annual competition Fox Seeds, sponsored by 99.3 The Fox, Canada’s largest unsigned band competition.
  • Performed during the 2010 Olympics

  • Generated a strong regional following as the guitarist in the Tito Deville Band (300,000 YouTube views)
  • Airplay for original compositions on Virgin Radio and 99.3 The Fox,
  • Star in MTV reality show The Youth Electric
  • Appearance on the TV series The Real Housewives of Vancouver
  • Music Video Robot Radio by the Tito Deville Band featured on Much Music.

Will Ripley the guitarist:

Ripley is a passionate guitarist who performs, teaches, and manages a successful music business. His wild stage presence and undeniable guitar skills transcend vibe and waveforms of the highest levels of energy.. His talents however, are directly related to years of staying “on the grind” and “paying his dues”. He has played with many bands, produced, composed and collaborated both solo and with top level musicians. He is a sought-after studio musician and works creatively with other musicians.

Coming from a blues and classic rock background, Ripley discovered 90’s rock in his late teens. Ripley’s style is unique. He’s been described as combining the blues guitar playing of Albert King and Jimi Hendrix with big riffs that are reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and Rage Against the Machine with the booty shaking rhythms of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and N.E.R.D. Ripley also has a soft place in his heart for pop music ranging from The Beatles to Stone Temple Pilots to Kelly Clarkson.

In addition to creation and production of music, Ripley teaches guitar using a method he developed through his education and over countless sessions with learners of all ages and levels. This led to the development of a successful series of recorded lessons called Guitar Goals available from his website. As the founder of the Will Ripley Guitar School he has begun expanding as a franchise into other cities which has 1 location currently – the Vancouver Guitar School. Students the world over can learn guitar using this effective, rewarding, and enjoyable style at their own pace – with epic results!

Ripley seeks participation in authentic, professional-level music, with like-minded, enthusiastic, high-achieving musicians. With dreams of creating legendary songs, Ripley is open to new band mates, songwriting partners, and recording opportunities.

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What are people saying?
Mike and Will have greatly helped me prepare for my audition for music college. - Harris
After the first lesson, my daughter was playing a song in a recognizable way, and it was a cool song. Not only that, she was on the guitar all the time, and inspired. It was very impressive to watch. - Sharon
When I started playing the guitar, I didn't even know how to hold the guitar properly. Now, I've improved a ton. I'm playing all the songs that I've always wanted to play. It makes it feel like so much is possible and it makes it feel that guitar playing is so much easier than I thought it was going to be. I've gone from not being able to do anything to being able to perform on a stage, it's so great. - Grace
When I met Will he asked me some of my goals and my response was to some day be able to play guitar like Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Six months later I found myself playing “Blue on Black” at Ripley’s Rock-cital in front of my friends. Will is an extremely professional and talented teacher and guitar player. Each week I found myself with new material and knowledge that made learning guitar fresh and exciting. I love the fact that I'm taking my playing to the next level. - Dan
Will is a very knowledgeable guitarist and great teacher. His instruction has been crucial in my development as a guitar player. Thanks to Will I have significantly improved my understanding of musical theory and guitar techniques. I have also been motivated to keep practicing in order to become the best guitar player I can be. - Curt
My fiancé and I started taking lessons with Will after looking for a guitar teacher online. Neither of us had played an instrument or had any musical education before. From the get-go, Will didn’t follow a pre-defined plan or workbook (as other teachers we talked to would have done), but rather incorporated our personal goals and music preferences into his teachings. It is very apparent that he not only loves guitar music, but also hs a deep understanding of a broad spectrum of music styles and musical theory.

Will’s hands-on approach managed to teach me not just practical guitar skills, but also some theoretical fundamental background knowledge. His lessons are never boring; always challenging but never overwhelming.

As a teacher, Will is patient and manages to accommodate our different learning speeds as well as our individual strengths and weaknesses, given both of us a sense of accomplishment and progress.

I thoroughly enjoy learning from Will and can highly recommend him as a guitar teacher.
- Nirvana and Maik
I'm able to take the raw energy that I have going on in my head and now divert and channel it with my guitar, where as before lessons I wasn't able to do that. - Brian
I was a little shy, and as much as I wanted to learn, I wasn't sure I could. It wasn't long until I felt really comfortable, I got beyond my insecurities and shyness. Will made me feel comfortable and confident.

I've loved my lessons with will and would really recommend taking lessons with him. He's really easy to get along with really flexible, always thinking how to make the lessons more enjoyable, he comes up with fun ways to exercise my fingers instead of boring exercise. I would definitely recommend Will. He's a pretty cool teacher. - Kim
He was able to listen to the song I brought in, break it down, and explain the chords, notes, rhythm, strum pattern. Now I can replicate songs by listening to them. - Richard
How I gauge my sons progress with his guitar lessons is his interest and his excitement when he walks in the door after his lesson and I ask him how his session was. He always says "great!" "Excellent!" and goes straight into his room and I hear the guitar go on, music being played and noise coming from his room. This shows me that he's very motivated and learning a lot. - Lisa
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